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Why Counseling?

The world and times of today are fast paced and can sometimes overtake our once thought out plans, hopes and goals.  Learning how to slow this down through the objective lens of a counselor can afford you the opportunity to explore the possibilities within yourself and your life, discovering the importance of connection, relationships, wellness and overall happiness that you both desire and deserve.


The therapeutic milieu can be an intimidating place, as often we enter counseling within our darkest and most vulnerable time. My goal is that when you come to my office, you feel welcomed, not judged, and leave with hope and vision for your wellness. Specializing in systems, we will dive into your world and all its "components", making improvements, allowing your hope to grow, your skills to evolve, and your relationships to blossom.

I have my Doctorate in Social Work, with over 25 years of experience, specializing in women's issues, family systems, depression, anxiety, and marital/couple issues. Expect an interactive clinical milieu, utilizing an active problem resolution lens to make systematic changes, facilitating the growth of your sense of self, and expanding your voice.

I have been married for over 25 years and have three daughters. I currently serve in the Army National Guard in Alabama as a Behavior Health Officer and made this choice in my mid 40', the evolution of self is a process, even for me!

ADVENTURER Ironman Finisher,

skier and horseback rider.

Concert lover attending

Coachella was the best!

Animal fanaticGive me a dog

or a horse, and my day is made.

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"When one door of happiness closes,

another opens;

but often we look so long at the closed door

that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."





Family Time


Image by Connor Wilkins


Green Goodness


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor



Wellness Investment

Initial Session - 60 minutes - $155
Within the first session, we will dive into your history, what brings you into therapy and establish treatment goals. 
For clinical perspective, my foundational lens is systems theory.  Additional clinical training is in Acceptance and Commitment Theory, EMDR, CBT and Family Systems.  Lastly, I am a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP) and can integrate nutrition goals into your treatment plan.

*Depending on the needs established during the initial consultation, you may opt for a 90-minute therapy session, however insurance will not cover this.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes and are $145. 

Couples - 60 or 90 minutes - $155-$200

The initial session includes both persons, however the following sessions are broken down individually, with the fourth session bringing the couple back together for clarification of the treatment plan.  Depending on the needs of the couple, 90-minute sessions will be offered.  Expectations within couples counseling includes active listening and a lot of homework!  I am Gottman Method trained and will embed interactive activities, podcasts and other couples’ resources within our sessions.  (See Resources link)


Family Therapy - 60 or 90 minutes - $155-$200

On a regular day, family systems are complex…period! Throw in any number of challenges: divorce/separation, bullying, perfectionism, social media, OCD (to name just a few), and the complex system is now infiltrated with high levels of conflict, seemingly tearing apart the family system.  Much like couples therapy, sessions will vary in who attends and how subsequent sessions will follow.  For separated/divorced families, expect that each system will be included with the goal to build healthy relationships within all systems.


Play Therapy - 60 minutes - $155

For children ages 6 and over, the milieu will vary based on the child and family needs.  Typically, the first session is with the parent(s)/caregiver(s) to obtain clinical history and perspective, and subsequent sessions are with the child.  Typically, after meeting with the child for four sessions,  I will bring in the parent(s)/caregiver(s) to develop a treatment plan for therapy.  

For separated/divorced families, the goal of Co-Parenting Therapy is to build healthy relationships, free of negative influence.  If you are seeking a therapist to subpoena for child custody purposes, I am not the clinician for you, however I can attempt to provide you with local resources.


Equine Therapy - 60 minutes - $155

For established clients, moving the therapy session to the barn is an option, and sometimes more fun!  Horses are attuned to where we are emotionally and provide an interactive environment to discover one’s inner battles and strengths, growing our voice and communication abilities.  Trained in EAGALA, an Equine Specialist may be included in the session to ensure safety.

Click to watch video about EAGALA

INSURANCE - Optum, Uhc, umr, aetna & Medicare 

It is the client's responsibility to check benefits and out of pocket costs for therapy.  I am out-of-network for insurances not listed above, however you can be provided  a "super bill" to access your out-of-network benefits. You will be expected to pay at the time of service through an automatic billing  service and missed appointment fees correlate with your session fees, if not cancelled within 24 hours.  

Skype Therapy
Digital Reading


For clients residing in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Virginia, I offer teletherapy sessions via secure and HIPAA-compliant video conference.


865-314-8954  OR

Fax number: 865-329-6512

Skype Therapy
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